My World

My World:  These boys are 5 of the reasons I get up everyday. They make me laugh often, make me cry sometimes, but make me love always.

I had my oldest son when I was 19. Boy, did I think I knew everything. Luckily for him me, he was the most easy-going baby in the world.  I joke that he was our do-everything-wrong baby (held way too much, breastfed on demand, no schedule whatsoever, family bed that took years to break).  When he was 19 months old, his first little brother came into our world.  He'd been reincarnated, only with huge dimples.  Together, the boys grew into fast friends and good brothers.

When they were both in preschool, we decided it was time to try for a girl...and out came boy #3. Knowing that we wanted him to grow with a sibling preferably dressed in pink close in age, as the first two had, I went for an ultrasound when he was about 5 months old...only to find that instead of one younger sib, they were having a produce-one-get-one-free special and his twin penises brothers were born when he was 11 months old.

My oldest is now 12 (July 13, 2013), the youngest two will be 6 on July 20.  Life is messy, loud, and fun...and may I add:  passing WAY too quickly?!  Are we done yet?  I'm not sure. My husband says yes, because he's looking forward to the "easy days"...whatever those are.  I think he just wants everyone in the house to wipe their own ass.  Everyday, I inch a little closer to "Hell, YES, we're done! Now go get thee snipped, Husband!" but the truth is, I've never had that "done" feeling (although I do remember a pregnancy scare when the twinkies were only a year old and I felt a twinge of it I think I'll know it when it comes around)

Some days are hard days.  I have my moments when I question and/or doubt myself as a parent, but luckily, I have a great husband to pick up the laundry slack and keep me medicated sane.  Just tonight, he asked me what I wanted for supper, and I replied, "Excedrin and chocolate."  Yes, in that order.  It was delicious, thankyouverymuch.