Monday, August 6, 2012

The Day I Became a Biker Bitch Cliche

This weekend was a rare one for the Mister and I.  An overnight away from my many men, in a hotel, on the motorcycle!  What?! Oh yeah. And I became a biker bitch cliche.  Wanna know how?  Keep reading...

But first, some pics!

I prefer this kind of biking...not that!

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
We had amazing weather for the climb up Mt. Washington. (and by climb, I mean DRIVE up MW on the motorcycles; because what am I, nuts? who would want to hike the 8-10 miles up a mountain?! HUNDREDS of people, that's who! You should have seen the crazy bastards cars lined up along the roadside, with children in tow, even!)

We only knew one person in the group of bikes we were in, but quickly became friends with the rest! Bikers people too, y'know ;) We look forward to riding with them again!

The temp at the bottom! Sofa king hot. But it was a breezy 66 degrees up top!

There aren't any guardrails on the 7-8 mile loop up the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Just rocks...

Majestic views that aren't done justice by these pics.

And in some spots...there is lack of rocks!

Going uppppppppppp!

The mountains go on forever

Objects in the mirror may enjoy taking self portraits ;)

The Mister and the mountains

I'd much rather climb this on a bike than in a car!  There's barely enough room for 2 cars to pass
Back on the ride down...

Yes, honey, I see that's the lodge we started at, now get your gawdforsaking hand back on the bars!!

A quick stop for some pics of me. His idea. *faints* I never have pics of me! 
On the way home, we separated from the group of bikers (helloooo, it was New Hampshire and momma wanted to shop...though I was restricted to purchasing the capacity of the saddlebags :/ But we made out at the Aeropostale outlet! $2.99 and 4.99 tees), and it was on the highway while doing 80 the speed limit, that I learned an important lesson:

I already knew texting and driving is dangerous, but texting while riding on the back of a motorcycle is equally hazardous (to other drivers...) because as you are paying attention to your phone, your shirt flies up around your neck, so you try to pull down what you think is the aforementioned shirt (not looking away from the phone screen), only to end up pulling down your cami instead.  So there you are, shirt up, cami down, leaving a couple boobs things flapping in the breeze that shouldn't be.

In other news, that guy from Arizona, who passed us, gives Maine's hospitality 2 thumbs up...

And here's my favorite pic...climbing down the mountain.

No boundaries. Love it.

Badass biker wannabe momma bahahahahahahaha
Speaking of badass...can't wait for Sept. 11!!
Sons of Anarchy
Do you watch?! Do you ride motorcycles? What's your favorite destination on bikes? and even if you don't ride...suggestions for a road trip?!


angel shrout said...

Braver than I you are. I wouldn't willingly go up that road in a car let alone on a bike. No way in hades. Beautiful pics though and the cami mishap cracks me up

Debbie said...

Before the kids came along my husband and I took an impromptu trip to the beach, spent the night, then rode back the next day. It was fun and liberating.
Your ride looked beautiful but I have to admit to feeling a little squirmish of the cliffs with no guard rails. I'm whimpy like that.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful but motercycles make me nervous. I've seen too much damage.

Anne Kimball said...

Hi, I'm Anne, stopping by from Deb's archive link-up. Great post! Loved "sofa king hot", though it took me a sec to puzzle out. You learn something new every day, right? Also love the title of your blog, hilarious!

Sara said...

Ha love the name of your blog!

Angel Tanedo said...

you know what, Its one of my wildest dream to ever go on a bike trip but unfortunately I dont know how to ride a bike, especially big bike like you got.. and ohh the road goin up looks deadly hehehe but yeah I'd just breathe hard and enjoy the spectacular view. ;-)

trackback; (Tuesday archive link-up )

WhisperingWriter said...

Looks like fun! I've never been on a motorcycle before.

I Am Not Superwoman said...

I dont ride but looks pretty cool. Funny story to about the texting while passenger. Glad everyone is ok though. hehehe. My mom and step dad own a Harley shop in Maryland. Stone Cycles. Thanks for linking up to Archive Tues.

Karen said...

OH no, you had me snorting about the texting and boob story. You are one brave woman, but what a beautiful road trip.

your blog keeps disappearing from my google reader, its really annoying, what is going on with google.

Marissa Davis said...

Wow, you are surrounded by testosterone and man parts! Do twins run in your family? At least you will ALWAYS be the princess! I found you from the TGIF Blog hop and will keep in touch. I loved your segment on funny things on FB and Twitter too, the robot vibrator was hysterical. I'm petrified of motorcycles but looks like you had a great trip!

Brooke Arellano said...

Awesome pics! Looks like a great ride!I'm stopping by from the TGIF Blog Hop and am now a new follower:) Would love for you to stop by Crazy Mama Drama!

The Empress said...


You do this?

You are a motorcycle moll.

WOW. I can't imagine, but wish I had it in me.

Sounds like such a high.

Chris Coyle said...

Although I can't drive a standard, so I would never venture onto a bike on my own, I love to ride "bitch" when the opportunity arises. I still remember my first ride on the back of my Dad's bike as a kid. I was scared to death at the prospect of leaning into the turns - so sure we'd wipe out!! It's the closest thing to flying while you're still on the ground. (I haven't tried parachuting, etc.) Looks like a fun trip. I used to know a bunch of people who would ride to Laconia, NH every summer for bikers' weekend over father's day. There is another big ride to CA every year, but I forget when/where specifically. [#TALU]

Debbie said...

lol - I'm sure the men didn't mind the questionable items flapping in the wind. Before kids, me and my husband hopped on his motorcycle and road to the beach on a whim. I miss those carefree times.

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