Monday, January 3, 2011

The Case of the Missing Laundry Detergent

I have 5 boys.  You know that.  You have kids, too.  You also know that kids = laundry.  5 kids = a mountain range of laundry that make the Rockies look like an anthill.  *sigh* I wish that was an exaggeration.

It all started about 3 weeks ago.  I'd run to town for a quick grocery trip and grab a jug of laundry detergent.  I would of course, procrastinate accidently forget to do the laundry once I got home, so I set the jug on the washer.

When I finally got a chance to do some laundry, the jug was almost empty.  What the...?  Didn't I just buy that like 72 hours ago???!

Husband is usually good about doing his own laundry when he's out of jeans a load or two here and there, so maybe it was him, I thought...but the musty smell coming from the washer told me otherwise.

Fastforward another day or two and I grabbed another jug at the store.


Where the flip is all the laundry detergent going?!  I asked the inhabitants of my house.

No answer.

I again bought laundry detergent at the store and this time...just to help prove my sanity...I asked my husband for "help" bringing in the groceries.  He set the jug on the washer.

The next morning I get up and go to start a load of laundry.  Empty.


So I dial my husband.  "Husband, I'm going to ask you something and I want you to really...think...about...the answer...before you give it to me...Did I or did I not just buy a gawd dayum jug of laundry detergent?!"

Husband, point 2 seconds later:  "Uhhhhh, I don't know, did you?"


I campaigned for my sanity for a day or two (I even used the sitter as a witness sounding board, joking the kids were probably dumping it down a heating duct or something) and sooner or later the laundry issue was once again forgotten for a couple weeks.

Until yesterday.

Husband started doing some after-dinner dishes, so I decided to conquer a laundry mountain or two.  I donned my ipod and tuned the crazies kids out and tuned Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas in...Imma be be be be...doing laundry.

Soon, the kids were running amok and I was dodging icy stares from the dishwasher my husband, so we tried to settle them into the living room for a quick game before bed.

But someone was missing.

*slam* goes the washing machine lid.

"Grady, what are you doing?!"

3 yr old:  "Ummmmmm, nuffing."  And he joined us in the living room.

Upon sending the kids in to brush teeth 15 or so minutes later, they screamed, "Bubbles!! woohoo, bubbles!"

What the........*crickets*  Who the f is Bubbles?!

Well, let me tell you.  Bubbles is the result of a 3 year old dumping numerous bottles of laundry detergent into the washing machine and once spin cycle occurs, bubbles every.single. toilet, sink, tub, shower, and drain in our house.

Mystery solved.

And the toilets took a little less elbow grease to clean this a.m. :)


Mom of Wild Ones said...

Only the mom of a boy would experience this. So been there.

Rhea said...

OMGoodness! And I thought my boys had done it all to me already. LOL

Bethany@ImperfectMom said...

That's awesome!!! Not for you, of course, but for me, because it was awesomely funny to read, and I learned something, too!

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