Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has Sprung??!

I pretend to use my cell as an alarm clock.  Usually, the kids digging in the cupboards for some grub wake me up first.

One morning recently, I was awoken by a text message.
From my son.
In his bed upstairs.
"Mom, I'm wicked sick. Can I stay home today?"
From my bed, I texted back:  "Ash, it's a snow day."
And just like that, he was cured.

Miracles do happen.

Now for some I-wish-Spring-would-hurry-the-F-up-and-get-sprung-already-pics...
Icy treetops

Spring mud + 4wheeler = Muddy Boy


Ready for baseball to start!

Such a good big bro

Come'on bud, let's go inside and warm up



Shell said...

LOL @ him texting you like that! My kids aren't texting yet, but my husband has texted me from the next room to ask for something.

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