Thursday, April 21, 2011

I would take an organ from a skunk...

"I would take an organ from a skunk...if it would save my child's life."

That's a response my friend posted on facebook today, in response to an MSNBC article entitled, "Killer's quest: Allow organ donation after execution."  I have to say, that's my initial maternal response as well.

The request is from an Oregon prisoner who killed his wife and children a decade ago, by (according to the article) strangling the wife and 2yr old before stuffing their bodies in suitcases and throwing them in the ocean, and tying pillowcases full of rocks to the feet of his 3 and 4yr old and throwing them in icy December Oregon water. Alive.

Later on facebook, another mom brought up a valid point...would I want the heart of a killer in my child?  Eventually, she came to the same conclusion...if it would save my child, yes.

How could you not?

Sitting there, dangling in front of you is the organ that will take the pain and sickness away from your child or relative.  Your option would be for them to continue living --and eventually dying-- in a hospital, or accepting a donated organ from a prisoner and giving them back the life they deserve.  Aren't organ donations kept anonymous anyway? (Clearly I don't know, and *knock on wood* won't have to find out, but I think I saw this on an episode of Grey's or something)

I do have to say, I don't like the way this particular prisoner is going about this.  He's threatening to continue appeals and prolonging his execution for another 10 years if officials don't agree to let him donate his organs.  But, if they do agree to it, he'll accept execution in 90 a way to relieve his conscience.

That part pisses me off, actually.  It's like negotiating with a child.  Do what I want or I'm taking my toys organs and going back to my room cell.

I was reading the article thinking, again..."How could you not?" How could you, as a prison/state official NOT let these people donate their organs to the approximately 19 people who are dying in America each day, while waiting for an organ donation from a stroke or accident victim?!

And then I got to this paragraph:  "Living prisoners may be allowed to donate organs, but it's decided on a case-by-case basis at the state and federal levels, officials say.  Typically such donations are limited to immediate family members when theres a confirmed organ match, with the inmate's and recipient's families agreeing to foot the bill for all medical and security costs."

So there you have it, folks.  It's all about the Benjamins.

If you're interested, the prisoner has a facebook page and op-ed article you can access through the article.

WHAT DO YOU THINK, MAMAS?  Would you accept an organ from a prisoner?!


Jane Bitch said...

Mommies will do anything to take away pain and hurt from their children. PERIOD.

That said, the fact that it's all about the almighty dollar makes me sick.

heidi said...

I would want my child to live. That's the simple answer. The deeper answer is - if I knew my child got the heart of a killer (not possible anyway since they're an adult and my child is..well..a child) would I start analyzing everything they did and wonder if any bad thing was because of the heart they had. Did it somehow play a part? Medically, no - it's an organ! It's not a person. The soul of the person that had the organ is gone. But, yk, weirdness and all that.

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