Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Neighbor Etiquette

As I mentioned, we moved a few months ago. We were renting for 11 years and had outgrown our town pad, and it was time.  We chose a larger home in the city to rent, and have not looked back.  I love being close to all the amenities, and more that a city has to offer, versus cow country the small town we came from.  But there's one thing we've yet to do......

Befriend the neighbors.

It's not for lack of wanting to. I do. But I don't honestly think it's MY place to invade them just pop in and do what exactly? Hand them a stale banana bread  muffin and be all, "Heyyyyyyyyyy."  I'm no Bree VanderKamp. And I guess they aren't either.  I think I read somewhere, the "established neighbor" should make the first move contact. Jesus, what is this, an episode of Mr. Rogers?  Now that horrible song is in my head.
At this point...4 months later, it's kind of pointless anyway, no?  I really want to know what you think!  I don't need a basket of pastries, just a hello and a drinking buddy friendly face.  Let's be honest. If they dropped by tomorrow, they'd be lucky if I have pants on. Maybe it's for the best.  

Just wait 'til the house on the other side sells! I'm gonna annoy welcome the shit out of them. 


Kate said...

We meet neighbors by just being in the yard. And good manners or not, we've been known to knock on doors, hi I'm your new neighbor. 4 months is still new.

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