Friday, February 22, 2013

5QF--Weeds, Snow, & Long Car Rides

In the interest of having some posts consistency around these parts, I'm participating in Mama M's

Join in here!

1. What is a hobby you would love to learn and why? 
     Hmmmmmmmmmm...I think I would choose gardening...for starters.  The why is cuz...I can't. These ole thumbs are black. And because flowers are pretty! So if you have any pointers or favs or anything else to share...please comment below! Our backyard is 99% shadowed by what grows well in the shade? (Besides weeds...I'm GREAT at those)

2. What do you wish you could have delivered to your house but does not deliver?
     Olive Garden! But it's probably just as well they don' I put the finishing touches on my weightloss blog earlier today :/

3. What's your favorite snow day activity? Inside and out?
     I love fall. Sweater weather, crisp breezes, beautiful foliage. I do not love winter. BUT I suppose if I have to choose, snowtubing? We did that with the kids before and it was quite fun. And cold. But fun.  Inside is easy...snuggles, blankets, movies, kiddos, and couch. 'Nuff said.

4. Would you meet a stranger from an Internet dating site?
     Do people still do that? Didn't I see on Dr. Phil that there's a bunch of scammers on that?  Anywho, I hope I never have to find out, but honestly, I think I'd choose NO.

5. If you had to spend 35 hours in a car with 4 other people, who would you choose? 
     Been there, done that. My Many Men and I drove to Ohio to visit my sis a couple summers ago. I'm thinking of doing the same this year, only going further...if I don't lose my nerve and the wee bit of sanity I have remaining... So, since you've requested 4, I'll answer 4 of my 5 boys.  I'm not saying that I have favorites cuz you're not supposed to but I will say that of the 5 there's one who is my LEAST favorite on car trips. He'd like a 4 foot radius around him in the car. Hell, wouldn't we all.


Anonymous said...

gardening, that's a good hobby. I tried it when we lived in a condo, but now can't that we live in an apt. I do miss it.

WhisperingWriter said...

I so wish I knew how to garden. My front yard looks like crap.

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