Thursday, May 20, 2010

Campers: Nature's way of feeding mosquitoes. ~Unknown

Back in February, I found a campground a couple hours away that was holding a BOGO offer.  So, I booked us a cabin (minus kitchen and bathroom) for a couple nights thinking it'd be a good way to get our feet wet and see if camping is an activity we'd be partaking in often.

My husband had his doubts, I think...I am after all the same crazy lady imaginative one who purchased a 12-man 4 room tent while pregnant with the twins, thinking "I could put a playpen in 3 of the rooms."  Dumbass. The tent still sits in its' box for "someday, maybe."

The cabin was a good idea...I figured we'd need a structure in which to lock all the crazies in at night :)  There were two sets of bunkbeds in one room and a double bed in another.  I had hoped that the crib-sleeping littles would double up with the bigs (preferably on the bottom bunks!).  Instead, I spooned 3 toddlers for two nights.  It was heavenly.  Sweaty, but heavenly.    

The weekend went surprisingly smooth.  The older two enjoyed freedom of riding their bikes to the playground and basketball court while the littles had room to roam as well. 

We spent an afternoon at the beach trying to fly super-expensive 2-for-$1 kites and ended up getting only 1 up out of 8.  The flyer of that kite was one of the 2yr olds.  He held on to it for a good 45 minutes, maybe more.  He'd hold it in one hand and kneel down to dig sand with the other.  It was the funniest thing.  Every few minutes we'd yell, "Pull it up, buddy!" and he'd tug the string just enough to keep the kite flying. 

Were the other 4 boys jealous? Ohhhhhh, noooooooo.  They were too busy splashing in the ocean.  Mmmhmm.   Any other human being would need a survival suit to get in that water, but not my boys, no sir.  I had even dressed them in denim shorts to deter them from getting wet above the ankles in the mid-May 50-degree water.  My bad.

Later, when we were driving back to our campsite, our 3yr old asked, "Where's our website? Is that our website?"  :D

My dad and stepmom took a ride up on their motorcycle.  She wore a dew rag for the the trip and the boys wanted to know why she was dressed like a pirate.  The twins were much less shy with their pirate-grammie, so she says she'll be wearing it more.
Our last night there, my husband splurged a little and bought me a lobstahhh.  YUM.  The boys were quite interested in it and pushed my soon-to-be-boiled dinner around on the deck like a racecar.  Brats.  Being the only one in the family that likes lobster, it's an affordable treat a couple times a summer.  Can't imagine if they all liked it!! I made sure to give 'em the tough meat when they asked for a bite so hopefully it'll remain an affordable treat *evil laughter*  

All in all, it was a great little trip away.  I will say, being surrounded by penises made the walk to the nearest tree restrooms bearable *grins*


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