Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alpacas, Airplanes, & Automobiles

My friend texted me Sunday, asking for some *free* family fun ideas.  I started filling up her inbox with some ideas then did a quick search of some community calendars and found out it was Open Farm Day 2010.  So she packed up her kiddos and went to visit some farm animals.  And we did the same...kinda.

The only participating farm in our town was an Alpaca farm.  But since we hadn't yet gotten a chance to visit, I thought, why not?  Ummm, how about 90 degree weather and an electrical fence that they forget to tell you about until AFTER you touch it, for starters?!  Anywhooo...here are some pics.
Dude, you ugly.
You're kinda cute.
But you, sir, need an orthodontist.

This is one of my fav pics of the summer.
Since that took all of seven or eight minutes...I had heard on the radio about an air show at a transportation museum we'd never been to (it was on the imaginary summer bucket list floating in my head), down on the ocean.  Thinking it might be cooler down on the coast (ugh, not that day), we grabbed some snacks, juiceboxes, and sunglasses and enjoyed the air conditioned ride down to the museum.
My 2nd fav pic of the summer...We sat in the hanger and watched...
...as some of these...

...did lots of this...mostly upside down, round and round,
and straight up before the engine failed and they'd restart
it on the trip down again. *gulp* They must LOVE what they do!
"Look, he's makin' 'moke, Mama!"
Black Hawk helicopter
My Many Men
Jakester could NOT wait to get in the front of that thing...
Funny license plate!
They just figured out what the license plate meant lmao
Sweet ride!
Ummm...if anyone asks, that is not my kid jumping up to touch a wheel, m'kay?!
REAL FEATHERS?  Tell me a MAN didn't come up with that idea!? Pfffft.
TRAIN!! "Mom, I want one of these for my birthday!"  "Oh, okay, sure buddy!"
"Me, too!"  "Me, four!"
"Mama, let's check this out...one...two...three...four...five..."
My own little FRONTIERVILLE pioneers *grin*
It's a good look, no?
Our musical entertainment on the trip home...
Gradster and his flutey tooty straw.
I was even stopped by a Kindergarten teacher who had been sitting behind us in the hanger (I KNEW I felt eyes on us).  She was in the museum after the wagon exhibit and complimented the boys on being so well behaved and said she heard me say some phrases ...thankfully not the naughty ones heh... (like, I'm going to help you, please) that she was going to be using with her kindergartners. That was kind of nice...but reminds me that I need to be particularly careful of what I say in public.  We're always being watched.


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What a wonderful compliment to you and your boys!

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