Monday, November 7, 2011

If you give a mouse Mom a bagel...

I've been trying to kill catch a mouse.
Little bastard guy keeps setting off the trap and getting away with the loot. 
Before setting the trap last night, I was hungry, so I stuck a bagel in the toaster (we'll blame the time change on this would-be midnight snack)
Then I got to work on setting the mouse trap...after all, I had the peanut butter out for my bagel anyway. 
So, I smeared the trap up, surprisingly got it to stay set on my first try (lots of practice last night...bastard...grumble), but I wanted it closer to the dishwasher, cuz I think my wittle fwiend is under there laughing at me hanging out. 
I was using a spoon to slide the set trap gently across the floor (I think I was holding my breath, even), when 


My bagel popped up.
And I peed my pants. 
The end.


Forgetful Mom said...

Whenever we have a mouse in our house, it seems to hang out around our dishwasher as well. Thankfully I have 2 cats, great hunters, who will sit beside the dishwasher waiting. Hope you catch him soon!

Singedwingangel said...

bwhahahah which is why I let hubby set the traps in this house..

Mom of 12 said...

My daughter works in one of those little booths where they sell gas. They have a mouse there and a couple of days ago it stood on her till and taunted her. Her boss won't let her catch it because she wants to catch it in a live trap so she can keep it as a pet...I know. I think my girl needs a different job.

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