Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me + D.C. - 6 penises x 3 days = Mom Congress 2012

Poor Mom Congress.  I bet they never thought they'd be used in the same equation as penises (I still want to say peni), yet here we are.  Here I am. 5 days until my (first! ever!) flight to D.C.  I'm feeling a bit unsuited to be surrounded by such amazing moms.  These ladies are hard core!  Foundation this, organization that.  *gulp*

I'm honored to represent Maine Moms.  I take this job seriously.  Because yes, being mom is a job.  On forms when it asks for occupation, I always write "Mom." with the period included lol  My facebook occupation reads:
            I work 24/7 for no pay, taking orders from tiny clients.
                · Jan 2001 to present · Unity, Maine
               Zookeeper, Grief Counselor, Stylist, Physician's Assistant, Judge, Short-order Cook, 
               Cheerleader, Psychic, Xray Vision Specialist, Chauffeur, Recreation Director, 
               Decision Maker, Storyteller, Janitor, Hygenist, Psychologist, Teacher, Mediator, 
               Laundress, Detective, Maid, Referee, Manager of Miracles, Life Coach, MOM.

Volunteer.  How could I forget volunteer? It's what we do.  Well, it's what I do.  Past Mom Congress delegates have started non-profits, entire movements, websites, lobby for education.  And what do I do?  I volunteer.  I feel very much like Baby on Dirty Dancing............."I carried a watermelon."

No movements, no websites. Heck, most teachers can't access this blog from their school based on the title alone! lmao  I'm excited to meet these amazing moms, to gather up as much information from the education experts, and to share it with whomever doesn't have a high filter on their internet is interested.

This year's Mom Congress theme is "Teach Me Something New" and is dedicated to fostering the crucially important relationship between parents and teachers.

Communication is key.  I hope to learn a lot and utilize even more.  I need all the help I can get, as we just moved to a new city last month.  I've gone from being "the mom in the know" in our old district, to the mom who knows nothing and no one :)  I've attended one PTO meeting.  I thought in a larger district...in the capital city...there would be lots of parents there.  There were 2 saints moms.  And the principal (she's great, btw! Totally dedicated and fun-nay!  I'm gonna like it here...once I find where/how I can fit in/help).

But being at the PTO meeting isn't the only way to volunteer. Perhaps more parents are involved in the classroom, or feel they put in their time by selling fundraising stuff (which clearly, is an important part as more school budgets are cut).  Or maybe dad/mom coaches one of the sport teams--that's definitely a time consuming job!!  And I can't even imagine where the working moms and dads find the extra time to put in an hour here or there (kudos to you!!).

All of the above are great ways to be involved.  And you know who notices the most?  Your kids.  And studies show students with parents who take an active role in their schooling tend to perform better academically and socially.  Do what works for you.  The kids'll be proud of you, and so will I.

And, nervous.  I'll still be nervous.

First! ever! flight.


Please pass the paper bag.

Comment below, please!! :  How is communication at your child's school?  Do you have a good relationship with his/her teacher?  Why or why not?  How do you communicate?  email?  journal?  phone?  Any tips for moms with kids going into kindergarten?  or you know...me?  


Kate F. (@katefineske) said...

Looking forward to meeting you! You DO have a funny blog header :)

I am absolutely excited to learn more from all the amazing moms (surrounded by peni or not!) that will be at the conference. Glad to have found you on twitter and now here too.

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