Friday, December 30, 2011


My heart is heavy. Everyday for the past two weeks, since this little girl  went missing from her father's home (15 min from here), I've eagerly checked the online news several times a day hoping upon hope that I'd read the words "Ayla's been FOUND!" But as time passes, and her father remains in hiding, while her mother whores herself out to every media outlet that waves a free plane ticket in her face, the feeling that a happy ending will occur is fading.

We watched as K-9 units and rescue teams searched the blocks near the high traffic area where Ayla Rey,nolds lives. Hugged our little ones tighter as the dedicated men and women hard at work tirelessly looking for Ayla, drained the rivers overnight, to search the riverbeds the next morning for clues, with help from airplanes.

Of course, when things like this happen across the country, you check up on it the case of Caylee Anth,ony. I watched and was apalled by how that all went down. My heart aches for all the sweet babies who go missing or worse. But when it happens in your own back yard, so to speak, it shakes you. Wondering if your own children played alongside this one at McD's or the nearby playground we frequented this fall.

Last night, I was restless. And found myself thinking of Ayla once again. I watch far too many episodes of Criminal Minds, SVU, NCIS, etc., but what they have shown me is that a lot of times, the one clue that breaks the whole case open makes you want to slap yourself on the forehead, cuz it was that simple and was overlooked the whole time. I thought well, if this is a case of parental kidnapping (there is a custody battle ensuing and Ayla has a broken arm), then whoever took her hopefully loves her enough to put her in a carseat. Ooooh, or maybe, the parent slipped up and gave them her OWN carseat! Or are on surveillance leaving one of the few department stores in the area, carrying a carseat. I forwarded my thought to the PD and could only hope for the best again today.

But today, the best didn't come. Tonight, they've changed the status of Ayla's case from missing person to a criminal case, involving foul play.

The definitions I found...FOUL PLAY: violence, especially MURDER. Unfair or dishonest behavior (especially involving murder). Synonyms: blood, homocide, murder, rubout, slaying.


Please let this sweetheart be okay.

(I cant get a pic to post from my tablet, but if I could it would've been the one of her sweet smile and chubby wrists *swoon*)


WhisperingWriter said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I do hope she'll be okay :(

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post and I haven't done a google search to find out the outcome of this horrific situation but...I wanted to applaud the fact you made that call.
I watched every minute of the Casey Anthony trial and the one thing that still bothers me about that was the dad's supposed suicide attempt and the letter he wrote and that was read in court. He mentions "feeling the effect of the pills in.." or something like that...and yet he was taken to the hospital and a tox screen showed he had NOTHING in him... a ploy for attention? A ploy for sympathy knowing there was maybe the threat that Casey was gonna tell? I don't know..but I know that NO ONE caught it! No one mentioned it..and it's a pretty obvious clue that something ain't right.
I made a call once that resulted in someone's kid being taken away...that was hard. Very hard but it was the right thing.
At the time I was just feeling something wasn't right....and I was right.
Wish I hadn't been but glad I made the call.

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