Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Acts of...Shut the Hell UP!

Walking into Hannaford one day, a lady yells to me: "Grab that cart!" and points to one behind me. 

I reply: "I don't need a cart." 

She informs me that its 'just being a good human being,' 
(the whole time walking away from me) so I turn to said cart...which was atop a flipping snowbank,
and I notice the employee gathering carts at the corral nearby. 
"They're getting it," I motioned. 
And she yelled something (even farther away now) about "random acts of kindness."


While yelling at me WAS random, lady, I find it far from kind!

A few nights later, in honor of the Random Acts grouch lady, I brought this basket in...
even though it was pouring rain...
AND I had to pee.
bite me lady


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Anonymous said...

Getting yelled is so not random kindness! Good for you for rising above it!

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