Monday, July 26, 2010

My Many Men & Me

We were at Nana & Papa's for the Twinkie's 3rd Bday partayyy last week (bday post soon!) and decided to squat for a quick family pic.  This was the best one...or I guess I should say...the only one where someone was swatting at mosquitoes or trying to escape :)


BK said...

It is certainly a challenge to get everyone together to have a photo like this. :)

litanyofbritt said...

Damn, girl. You literally *are* surrounded by penises. Love the hubby's face in this pic. Looks less than enthused about the photo op.

Alisha said...

LOL! I have to agree with Britt about your hubby's face. Look at all the little dudes! You're going to be one well taken care of mama :) All the little knights at your side.

Kate said...

I have to bribe that man more than the boys to get his picture taken :) He was honestly smiling in every other one...except the one where he was swatting mosquitoes. He HATES having his pic caption on FB was "Truckers don't smile." That, and when I yelled to him to please come out and take a picture, he clapped his hands together, reached for the camera, and ordered me to remove my shirt. *Ahem* Things didn't go exactly as he had planned :)

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