Friday, July 23, 2010

"Roger that."

Jakester (into a pretend walkie talkie): "Roger that."
Gradster (age 2.5): "I"m not Roger. I'm Grady!"
Me: "Grady honey, he's not calling you Roger, he's saying Roger, like Over or 10-4, ok?"
Gradster: "Okay, Mommy."
Jakester (age 3.5): "Yup, Roger that."

I was sitting between the two of them on the couch and was busted up laughing.  They were both so mad at me, but I could not stop :)  This went on for the rest of the afternoon...I still don't think they even know anyone NAMED Roger LMAO


jessica bern said...

I always say to my kid, "what's up G?" and she is still trying to figure out who "G" is

litanyofbritt said...

LOVED. I can picture my 2.5 year old having that same conversation.

Jennifer said...

I am humbled.
I thought I was surrounded by penises! My crown off to you!!
Great pic, by the way. However did you get them to all look in the right direction without punching each other in the back of the head?

As a sister in the depths of life without pastels and bows, I have joined your site!

Again, WOW!

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