Wednesday, July 28, 2010

They crack me up

These were some of my facebook statuses from July...and just in case FB ever *gasp* crashes...I wanted to post them here.

ASHITONER: "I can't remember what they make at that place."
ME: "what place? Moss? don't they make tarps or something?"
LUKEYBABY: "No, I'm pretty sure it's applesauce."
(Mott's bahahaha)

ALPACA FARM TOUR GUIDE: "Have you ever been around alpacas before?"

5 BOYS & I: "No."

GUIDE:  "Don't worry, they won't spit at you, they just spit at each other."
ME: "Oh, just like you, boys!"

JAKESTER: "Mommy, NOW are you setting the 'puter up for me?"
ME: "Not yet, buddy...I'm trying to find fun stuff for us to do when we go visit Auntie Cori...don't you want to go to a zoo and ride on a bus and the animals all come up and you feed them?"
JAKESTER: *shakes head NO!*
ME: "Well, what do you want to do at Auntie Cori's house?"
JAKESTER: "Play the computer."

ME: "Is it weird that I'm actually kinda excited for this trip to Ohio?"
HUSBAND: "I don't think I'd use the word weird...psycho maybe, but not weird."

ME: "The dog killed a skunk out back last night, that's why it smelled so bad."
HUSBAND: "How do the skunks keep getting in the 6 foot fence?"
ME: "Idk, want me to get out the ouiji board and ask him?"

Gradster saw the Frontierville bear on the loading screen. "Mommy, you see that bear?" *puts his hands up like the bears paws* :That bear says wait, wait for me in that car!" 

4th of July:  had a great two days with amazing friends and family. The boys did so great waiting for and then watching the "boom boom pow" fireworks...we were even complimented on how well behaved they were...only to have Gradster yell out "Oh my Dawd" and "Holy twap" when everyone around us was silently watching the fireworks. ♥

Delete...delete...delete...Friends don't let friends drink and facebook. That is all.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't load FrontierVille !!! What am I gonna do now?????? Oh. Laundry.

Went 2 store 4 sweet tea then figured if im gonna have calories, I might as well get some twisteds but was undecided til i saw TWISTED SWEET TEA! *wipes drool*

Jakester had his routinely Monday morning panic soon as the garbage truck hooks onto the dumpster he screams and cries cuz he thinks they're taking "his" dumpster away! lol

You know that wrestling move, where the guy's laying on the mat and the other wrestler climbs up on the ropes and jumps on his groin? Well, Gradster was on the armrest and just did that move on his daddy who was napping on the couch. No vasectomy needed :D


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

These are too funny. I love your conversation with Jakester about what he wants to do at his aunt's house.

Jen said...

You blog title just made me laugh out loud, love it.

And then these status updates, too funny.

litanyofbritt said...

Balls injuries will always make me laugh. I lol'd at the ouija one too. hehe.
I have an award for you over at my blog. :)

Mandy said...

hahahaha I love it. Why can't everyone post funny stuff on FB? I'm so tired of reading about one's trip to the grocery store.

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